Friday, January 22, 2010

What comes around, comes around again...

Bust out your scrunchies and get yourself a bowl cut, the Babysitter’s Club is back in action. The popular teen series from the 80’s is being ‘rewritten’ and remarketed to fit today’s teens. It all started with Kristy, an entrepreneurial teen who was always dressed to the nines in her finest day-glo colors. Then it moved on to Karen, the sassy little sister. Two hundred and ninety-seven books later (I wish that was an exaggeration) and Ann M. Martin finally ran out of plot lines.

ALAS. Never fear, BSC (Babysitter’s Club, obv. Keep up, the world is a fast place,) fans, the girls are back! Don’t worry, all the old drama will still be there, the trouble with training bras and Johnny the quarterback are pillars of BSC life too rich to eliminate. Only now they google, and sext, and tweet all about it.

Speaking of future Pulitzers…Lauren Conrad (LC of Laguna, The Hills) released a book recently titled L.A. Candy. It’s not about Lauren though, it’s just a book about a girl named Jane in L.A. who is on reality shows, unsuccessfully tries to tame wild party-boy heirs, and has back-stabbing friends.

…ya. It is easier to face the truths in your own life when you pretend it’s someone else’s. But generally that theory is best actualized through therapy, not a book deal. It’s okay, I’m sure everything will work out for this “Jane” (winky emoticon.)

I just don’t really understand why people can’t just stick to one profession in Hollywood. I mean, LC clearly had a good gig going, getting paid to go on dates and look confused. And I doubt anyone was really dying to tap into her literary genius. Steve Martin, who is not only great at being type-cast as the goofy, lovable father but also can bring down the house with a banjo in his hands, is the exception. If we’ve learned anything from watching Glitter it’s that someone should have told Mariah to stick to what she knows, (high notes and low cut tops.) This should also include people who aren’t famous for ANYTHING. Demonstrated perfectly in the new diet pill commercial featuring the Kardashians. Kim, ok, she dated Reggie Bush, so that’s legit. But what else have the other ones done to deserve this sort of publicity? Also, if we can all think back to the time that Khloe Kardash was called a tranny we will see the obvious flaws in her promotion of diet pill X.
The ad ends with one of the Kardashkas sauntering through a room full of drapes and whispering in a bedroom voice, “Live the dream.”

…Uh huh.

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