Monday, January 11, 2010

Shot at Love 3: Pet Adoption

I’m a serious blogger. Very serious, very competitive. So I was surfin’ the old WWW and came upon Tila Tequila’s blog. I found this link because of the whole broo-ha-ha surrounding the death of her fiance, Casey Johnson. So I spent a period of time comparing my blog to Tila’s. Mine is seriously lacking in a) graphics, most of which look like replicas of tramp stamps and other generic tattoo patterns, b) followers with myspace-esque pictures showing extreme boobage, c) fights with my readers and d) photos of me in a mesh bathing suit to send to your phone. I ceased my comparison. Most of these differences hinge on the facts that I’m not a international sex-symbol and most of my readers are related to me, I’ll just have to deal.

Tila has been quite busy lately since Casey’s death. First there were the allegations that Tila’s chaotic lifestyle had a bad influence on Casey. Tila defends herself and their relationship to the bone on her blog and twitter account. Because there is no life more devoid of danger than Tila’s, someone who parties, drinks, poses naked, and hooks up in murky hot tubs for a living.

Next, there was the whole Nicky Hilton/dog debacle. Nickster and her friend Bijou (wtf? Is that a cheese?) came to rescue Casey’s dogs and clothes from Tila’s house. Nicky and Bijou (HA) apparently didn’t trust Tila with the Casey’s property or pets, (everyone knows sluts don’t know proper animal care.) Anywho, there’s some great footage of this encounter online. But in short, the cops were there, Nicky was looking skinny. Bijou looked confused. Tila cried and was the most covered up she’s been since being swaddled as a new born infant.

Get some.

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