Saturday, March 6, 2010

Trade ya!

You would not believe what the athiests are up to these days. Porn. Shocking, right? At the University of Texas a student group called the Athiest Agenda set up shop on campus offering to trade porn for Bibles.

This immediately reminded me of the man who stood across the street from my high school and tried to convince us to trade our sinful lifestyles for his Jesus themed comic books. Sometimes I took the comic books, although I politely declined his offer to “burn in the fires of eternal hell” when I flipped through it for a moment and then tossed it in the trash.

I don’t understand why every has to be aggressive, be, be aggressive. Can’t the God-less porn lovers live peacefully alongside people with Bibles in their rolling backpacks? It’s a little unfair to pose the Book of Genesis vs. raunchy intercourse question on college campuses. Unless you’re a student at the evangelist Liberty University, there’s no way that Genesis would win that battle of majority opinion.

Imagine you’re at an AA meeting, making a conscious effort to avoid the liquid devil that has robbed you of healthy life.
“Hi, my name is Frank and I’ve been sober for two weeks.”
“Hi, Frank.”
And then someone walks in with a blender full of Margaritas. Shit’s messed up.

If you see someone wearing a Nicorette patch you’re not going to offer them a cigarette. So some students at UT are trying to do right by the Lord, avoid temptation and foot fetishes. That doesn’t mean that they’re asking for the wrath of the pornography industry forced upon them. And let’s be real, just because they have a Bible, doesn’t mean they live under a rock. Any Tom, Dick, or Harry with a search engine has his pick of pornographic treats, the Athiest Agenda isn’t exactly bringing a rare specimen to the college crowd.

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